Are you a business owner who understands

the importance of brand identity, but wants to avoid

the costs associated with a traditional brand design agency?

Then I’m glad you’re here.

(If this question doesn’t speak to you, then you’re in the wrong place.)

The recent rise of platforms

like Shopify have lowered the barrier of entry for anyone wanting to start a business. In my humblest of humble opinions, this has flooded the market with cheap products sourced from China, and has created a flood of “me-too” businesses. (They’re all saying the same thing.) 

A surefire way to distinguish your business from the rest of these “me-too” competitors is through brand identity. Branding, in essence, is managing how outsiders feel about your brand. Through visual identity design that encapsulates your message and has it resonate with your target audience is a powerful weapon you can leverage to take your business to the next level. 

In fact, a distinctive brand identity

doesn’t allow you to secure an advantage over the competition. No, it eliminates the competition because you gain new competitors. Only a handful of ecommerce agencies in any industry dominate because they understand the power of a strong and cohesive brand identity, and what it can do for your conversion rates and your ROAS. Long term, your CLTV will skyrocket. (So hey, if you’re after a quick buck, I’m not for you. I’m in for the long haul, baby.) 

So what can I offer compared to a traditional brand design agency?

I am agency-trained. I have worked with a couple big brands and agencies (e.g., Oberlo). So what you can get from me is everything from a brand-conscious logo (I take everything from audience research to buyer personas into consideration) to a complete brand identity. (If you want copy included for a complete turnkey solution, please contact me for a private discussion. I don’t write the copy myself, but work with a copywriter and business consultant.) 

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